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Turn Your Yard Into A Garden Amid COVID-19

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel By Arthelo P. Palma Pandemic is a stressful and tumultuous event of the human history. Call it discomfort at some point when you have no choice but obey government's initiative for lock down or enhanced community quarantine. This scenario bombards people with such a significant level of stress. Before it's too late, they need to find an outlet associated with this social, physiological, and psychological burden.  I see people are into many things nowadays just to cope with stress. One common area of interest I see is they go for  gardening  while they stay at home during COVID-19 pandemic.    On the other side, exercising your green thumb for growing plants and maintaining a garden would require considerable amount of space. But you don't need to worry about this constraint. You can simply turn your yard into a garden at no substantial cost.  Why you should turn your yard into a garden  especially amid COVID-19 ?  There are man